Friday, November 20, 2009

So Wrong!

Speaking of things being wrong, I received a letter in the mail yesterday from the City of Fort Worth. What's wrong with that? you might ask. It wasn't just any letter from the city (our water bill comes from them), it was from the Red Light Enforcement (I almost said red light district and that IS wrong!!!! LOL!). As you might guess from that, it was indeed a TICKET! My heart was pounding as I tried to remember the last time I ran a red light....there was that time in Vegas with my ROOMMATES....oh, that's right. I don't INTENTIONALLY run them! I opened the letter and gasped (because they print pictures of your vehicle, the intersection, your plates on the ticket). There it was.....8th Avenue and Elizabeth street and there was no mistaking the SATURN running that red light. Now, you might wonder, don't I drive the Santa Fe? The answer is YES! It was actually DALLIN that ran the light, but I got the ticket because the car is in my name. How wrong is that?! So not fair! And on the upside, so glad it wasn't me!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Last night we were out shopping and as we were standing at the register, Gavin says to the girl, "Guess what? It is WAY past my bedtime!" The girl laughed and so did I. It was interesting that he chose to say that on a FRIDAY night and it was 7:45 p.m. (his bedtime is 8:00). At least he is becoming more aware of time!


For those of you who read my fb comment about taking the SPIDERS over the MILLIPEDES.....this is why. Sure, the creature APPEARS relatively small in the above pic. However, this is a Texas sized spider!
And they live in my backyard! This is a garden spider and the cup he is in is a baby food container from Walmart (a little bigger than the single serve applesauce cups). I wanted to mail him to Utah so family would know there was no exaggeration on its size, but since I've already murdered a gecko (not on purpose!), I couldn't risk the chance of this one dying en route! EW!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Awesome tidbits from Texas!

First, I owe myself a HUGE congratulations for being able to breastfeed this long! 8 months!!! And still going! I am continually grateful at the end of every day that I am still able to nurse. For those of you who don't know my previous experience with this, the longest I was able to nurse my other two children was 6 1/2 months. My goal with Kam was to make it to at least 8 months (and I was VERY skeptical). I'm not giving up, just sharing my success!

On that note, I am also allowed to swear in front of my therapist (and I sometimes do)....wait, Charlene, if you're reading this, I'm kidding. I never swear....ever....! Oh, and Erica too....never!

The other day Gavin and I stopped at Braum's (awesome ice cream place, similar to Baskin Robbins for those of you not in Texas) for ice cream. I was waiting 1 car back from the window to pay (and my windows were down, of course) when I started to smell smoke. It smelled like a fire and with each gust of wind, became a stronger odor. I commented to Gavin about it and even started looking around for the direction it might be coming from. Then, I thought I saw a puff of smoke by the front driver's side tire (gasp! I know...). I leaned out my window and saw nothing...until I turned my head and looked back. There it was! It appeared that someone had tossed a cigarette into the wood chips right beside the Braum's building. I was disgusted and shocked at the same time. There were no flames yet, but smoldering ashes that grew in circumference every time the wind blew (and it was blowing yesterday). As soon as I got to the window, I told the girl to get me a cup of water so I could douse the hazard. I like to think that I just saved Braum's from burning down! I know there were no flames (but with the wind blowing like it was, it was inevitable that there soon would be), but sometimes mommie's need to feel like HEROES! And yesterday, I was least in Gav's eyes. It was AWESOME!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween Fun!

This year for Halloween, we headed out with some friends to do some old fashioned trick or treating (as opposed to a trunk or treat). My kids were too young to remember REAL trick or treating. They had so much fun and came home with WAY too much candy!

Our little spooks at the ward carnival. Gav was a knight, Shelbi was a lady bug, and Kamron was a frog prince. He tolerated his costume VERY well. He even kept the hood on for a little while!

We carved pumpkins and as always, the kids loved it. They were fascinated by the pumpkin "guts", though neither Gav nor Shelbi wanted to touch them. Gavin wanted to save the pumpkin seeds, but I said no. Dallin, of course, was totally decked out for this adventure. But, as the family knows, he is ALWAYS prepared!

Kam's, Shelbi's, & Gav's pumpkins

This is the finished product. I love it when the pumpkins are finished and we light candles in them. The kids love the spooky glow and I LOVE to scare them!