Thursday, February 26, 2009

waterworks of a pregnant woman

I arose for the day this morning shortly before 8 a.m. with the realization that the A/C had been running all night (I had been up several times to go to the bathroom and also to turn over...). I went to the thermostat and turned it off. About an hour later, as I was sitting at the kitchen table, I realized that the unit was still on. I jumped up from my chair and proceeded to investigate the unit inside the closet by my bedroom. Yes, the thermostat was still off, and yes, the unit was still running. I messed with the thermostat and checked the controls to make sure everything was off like it should be. The unit was still running. Then, the tears started. As a couponer, I love to save every little place I can and now my bill was going to be ASTRONOMICAL! The thought was too much to bear. I hobbled to my computer as quickly as possible to e-mail a work order to our rental agency about the A/C. With the tears still streaming, I call a girlfriend for sympathy about the impending bill. She calms me down a bit and talks to me about the thermostat. Is everything turned off? What about the fan? Is it on auto? No....and then the embarrassing moment hits. It wasn't my A/C, it was the fan that had been switched to on and it had been running all night. I felt like such a Gubba!!! I called my rental agency and explained that since I'm REALLY pregnant, my brain cells have fled like popsicles in boiling water! She was very nice and cancelled my work order. After that, my visiting teacher called and asked how I was doing. Instead of responding like a well controlled emotional person, I burst into tears again and tell her of my humiliation with the thermostat. I figured that since I've already committed the embarrassing act and several people not related to me were unfortunately exposed to my near hysteria about maybe having a huge bill, I might as well expose the rest of you to my "near the end of pregnancy and losing my marbles" activity. I can totally laugh about it now! And the look on Dallin's face when he hears about this will be priceless!!!