Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So, the house geckos are coming out in full force! The kids, of course, are delighted. They're not so bad and they do eat the spiders in the house. I still haven't figured out how they get in.

Gavin and Dallin went on a father's and sons outing over the weekend and my little Gav came back with battle wounds and fireflies! Gavin chased the fireflies everywhere at the camp. Gavin has been asking his dad to take the training wheels off his bike. He's so tough and wants to ride his bike like a big boy! He loves playing with his webkinz and his favorite part is inviting Dallin and I over.

Shelbi's new thing is to out of the blue tell you she loves you. She says it more to Gavin than anyone else and it is the cutes thing. She walks up to him, hugs him, and says, "Gavin, I love you." When she speaks of Gavin, she refers to him as "my Gavin". She's also trying to pick up a habit that vexes me greatly....finger sucking! I tend my friends kids three days a week and they all suck their fingers. So, she thinks she needs to do it too. The first time I told her to get her fingers out of her mouth, she said, "But Jenner sucks his fingers." Summer will be a blessed relief because I don't think I'm watching them and I'm hoping to get my kids away from some of the things they've picked up.

Dallin has just started his summer semester and he says it will be time consuming, but shouldn't be as hard as last semester. We are both doing well and aside from the gross humidity, we are liking Fort Worth (that doesn't mean I want to settle here, but we are conveniently located close to EVERYTHING!!!). Oh, and I've only gotten lost twice (and it was in the same day so really it should count as one time, right?)! Thanks to all for your love and support and especially for the fasting and prayers!