Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh, my son!

Mom, are you going to throw the baby up?
Is that a girl? (asking loudly about a guy with long hair!)
Why are there Ford's in our neighborhood?
Is it true that if I watch too much TV my eyes will turn into squares?

The best story, though, is the day I took my children with me to go try on maternity clothes. Dallin was at the hospital and I took the kids to the mall. I went into Motherhood to try on a few pairs of pants. Of course, the kids had to come into the dressing room with me and I tried to stay covered and modest as much as possible. So, after trying on some things, we left and went to another store. At the check out line, Gavin says VERY LOUDLY, "Mom, it sure wasn't fun when you took your clothes off in that store!" The cashier and the nine other customers stared and then laughed when I explained I was trying on clothes and yes, we were in a dressing room! There is obviously some confusion with my kids when I change my clothes at home and they see than when I try on clothes at a store!