Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Light of Christ

We have been truly blessed this Christmas season. I was having a hard time really feeling the spirit of our visiting teaching message this month. I think it's because I've been so focused on the destination, that I've forgotten to enjoy the journey (don't remember who said that...maybe Elder Wood when he came to Stake Conference). I had been home only minutes from visiting teaching when our doorbell rang. Dallin answered the door with the kids excitedly behind them (who's coming to visit?!). Gavin ran back to me with a package of batteries in his hand and said that someone left them for us. I went over to see who was there and what I found was everything you need to make a Christmas dinner (frozen turkey, canned veggies, stuffing, roasting pan and bags, etc.) as well as gifts for the children. I couldn't help the tears from falling as I realized the impact of Christ's light in my life. Through other people, he has taught me goodness and charity, and that the light of Christ doesn't really come from a star or the glory of the holidays. It comes through those around us and we have been lovingly embraced by Him. The anonymity of the giver speaks volumes to me. God does love me. And however unworthy I feel of such a gift, He continues to bless me. Our family is so grateful to whoever it was that reached out to us. Christ is the true spirit of Christmas. May we always remember the reason we have to celebrate.