Sunday, September 28, 2008

From the mouths of babes...

Friday night, Dallin and I put the kids to bed around 7:30. By 9 p.m. they were still awake (we had gone to their room several times to chase them back to their beds). They had been busy playing games such as freeze tag, simon says, and hide and go seek. I wasn't super stern with them going right to sleep because it was a Friday night and I was enjoying some serious hair therapy (Dallin was playing with my hair). So, as I'm laying on the couch enjoying the therapy, I start to hear dresser drawers opening and closing. I think to myself that I should quickly put the kabosh on that because I don't want the dresser falling over or fingers getting slammed in the drawers. After having this thought at least three times and ignoring it every time, we suddenly hear a very loud crash followed promptly by screaming. I flew upstairs, much faster than the speed of light, and found Gavin at the top of the stairs screaming and pointing at his bedroom. Fearing that Shelbi was pinned beneath the dresser, I dashed into their room and found her standing at the foot of Gavin's bed, also screaming and crying. We quickly ascertained their wounds and the condition of the dresser. Gavin had only a bruise on his cheek and Shelbi had a tiny cut on her forehead and another small bruise on the opposite side of her forehead as the cut. The dresser, however, did not fare as well. After a brief discussion on the dangers of opening every drawer in the dresser, we put the kids back to bed and took the two dresser drawers downstairs for repair. We are so grateful that the kids were not seriously injured and it was nothing short of an act of God that spared them. However, the story does not end there. Last night as I was tucking Gavin into bed, I stroked his cheek where he has his bruise and told him how glad I was that he and Shelbi were not seriously hurt by the falling dresser. This was his reply, "Well, Mom, when the dresser was falling, Heavenly Father told me to move. So, I pushed Shelbi out of the way." It was such a touching moment to me that even though I chose to ignore the promptings of the spirit, my son was in tune enough to hear His voice and act on it. We are so blessed to have the gospel in our lives and children in our home. They truly are closer to the Lord and we should aspire to be more like them in that respect.

Friday, September 5, 2008

I was in the living room playing with Shelbi and Gavin was upstairs. He called down to me to come and get him and I asked him to come downstairs. Well, seconds later, I heard a thumpty thump and some crashing. Something hit the wall at the bottom of the stairs and Gavin starts crying. Immediately I knew he had just fallen down the stairs (at least some of them). When I jumped up and ran to the stairs, I better understood what had happened before I even spoke to Gavin. The object that had hit my wall was an empty legos bucket (about 15" x 10"). I picked up the bucket and turned the corner. There was Gavin laying sideways and partially head first on the stairs. After calming him down, I asked if he tried to go down the stairs in the lego bucket. Of course, his answer was yes. And then he said, "But nobody told me it was a bad choice!" A few minutes later, he said, "I thought it was a good idea, but it wasn't." So, after talking to him about the danger he had placed himself in (and yes, trying my hardest not to laugh and suggest my clothes basket the next time), I left the room and busted up laughing. I'm glad he wasn't hurt, but seriously, it was so funny.

Also, we were in the car today and Shelbi pipes up from the back seat, "knock knock, Daddy." He answers, "who's there?" Shelbi says, "your seatbelt." Dallin says, "my seatbelt who?" Shelbi replied, "Your seatbelt is not done up!" Too cute, and she was so right! They're always the first to notice if you're not buckled up!

Shelbi has discovered the glory of make up! She found my lipstick, put some on and was ready for a night on the town!