Sunday, November 7, 2010

Farm words in Sacrament Meeting

Today was a beautiful day. I was spiritually prepared to attend my meetings (I was teaching in Young Women's today so I had been doing some extra praying). After the sacrament was passed, I doled out the snacks I had brought for the kids: Halloween marshmallows. As I was handing some to Kam (who was sitting on Dallin's lap), the bag tipped and marshmallows scattered the floor at our feet. I sighed and just as I was leaning over to pick them up, I heard, "Damn it!" It was Kam dropping a farm word. I started laughing and had to lean over to stifle the snorting threatening to come out! I know. I shouldn't have been laughing. But his voice is so cute and he is so innocent. Dallin was laughing too and commented that at least he used it in the correct context at the right time. I know he learned it from me (sorry, Charlene). I blame it on the cats. I have dropped more farm words myself over the past two months (since we have had the cats) than I think I have over the past year! Sometimes they drive me crazy. Honestly, they are part dog, part meerkat. If I wasn't so worried about mice, I might consider donating them! Until then, I will try to keep my farm words under my breath (I'd say give them altogether, but honestly I don't think that is an attainable goal at this time!), and teach my kids to do the same! (Damn cats!)!