Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Path of destruction

This has Kam written all over it! As I finish cleaning up after dinner, I decide to take a few moments and get online to FB and be frivolous. Then Kam comes to me talking in his language that I don't yet understand and I look at him only to notice he is EATING something. I look in his hand and he is tearing apart a small piece of pancake and stuffing it into his mouth. I gasp because that's what I do and he immediately drops it and runs. Why would I gasp if it was only a pancake? It isn't that it's a pancake, it's where he got it. THE TRASH! I am truly grossed out. I get up only to notice that there are pancake droppings in the office (where I am). I follow him to the living room and exclaim my loudest gasp of the day. He is seriously like a little tornado whirling around my house. It's no wonder I feel like I've accomplished nothing, though I've been working hard all day. I just work hard in circles! So what caused my loudest gasp?

He has been walking all over the kitchen and living room pulling pancakes apart and throwing them on the floor. If there is ever a time when I'm not sure where he is, I just follow his path of destruction. It helps me remember how grateful I am he has to go to bed sometime! And then we start all over again the next day. As frustrated as I am about the huge mess I get to clean up, I find myself unable to stop laughing at his cuteness (he just came in and said thank you). Well, Kam, you're welcome! Now please stay out of the trash!