Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Children of those in the medical field

We were invited to a family summer fun party by one of the doctors in Dallin's group. This event was held at the park and there were many doctors and nurses present. That being said, it shouldn't have surprised me to overhear a conversation between 3 girls (who were probably no more than 8 or 9). This is what I heard (beware....this might be a little to graphic for some!). "It was a decapitation. You know, the head was cut off and there was a significant loss of blood." Inside, I was laughing because it was almost like hearing my older two playing! Obviously, the one speaking must be a child of a medical person. It is nearly on a daily basis that my older two are whisking one of their stuffed animals off in an "ambulance" to the "er" to perform some medically necessary surgery! Sometimes they will come and tell me how they were able to "save" the animals life. I guess that's what comes from begging their dad to tell them about his work day (and working on the ambulance he had all sorts of sordid details to impart!). I love it (okay maybe not so much the blood, but it's pretty cute the way they play)!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Vacation

This is going to be a marathon post, so grab a drink and some popcorn before you continue! At the end of June, the kids and I headed to Utah for a month. I know. A month is a REALLY long time, but my dad had been ill and I knew that he and my mom needed help with the yard. Besides, they live right next door to the park and what is not fun about that?! I met my best friend in Rock Springs and she drove to Salt Lake with me. The kids did amazingly well. We made it to my mom's on Saturday, early afternoon and Shelbi was spiking a fever again (she was 104 in Rock Springs). This time, she was 105.2 and I decided to take her into the ER (they don't have insta care facilities in this small town!). She had strep. Not only that, but I realized that she and Kam had shared a drink on our journey (before I knew that she was not well). The doctor was good enough to write a scrip for Kam (just in case) and called in one for Gav about 5 days later. Yes, they all had strep and that's how we spent the first week of our vacation. Sigh. After everyone was well, my sister and I took our kids out to Rock Corral to look for coral.

Shelbi loves collecting rocks, so this was especially fun for her! Gavin wanted some lava rock, which we found also.

After Rock Corral, we drove up to Adelaide Campground where the kids threw rocks in the water and attempted to climb trees. We spent 10 days in Kanosh, then headed to Enterprise to see more family. The first night we went to see Tarzan and the best part was Shelbi covering her eyes when the leopard appeared! Thursday and Friday were spent at the cabin and I have to admit that I am a big sissy when it comes to camping with a toddler! It just isn't as much fun!

The kids headed out with Grandpa to search for arrowheads. Each child found at least 2! Thanks Grandpa!

The babysitters. Malia and Eryka did a fantastic job with the babies! Thanks, girls!

While in Enterprise, we headed to St. George to visit friends and go to the splash park. I had to throw this picture in because, poor Kam, this is the story of his life! Always being packed around by his sister!

After returning to Kanosh from Enterprise, I had daily destruction to clean up, courtesy of Kamron. Any time my parents bedroom door was left open, this is what he would do and what I would find. Kam frequently yanked the kleenex out of the box and shredded at least 2-3 pieces each time. Cute, but frustrating! I cleaned up A LOT of kleenex! While in Kanosh, I took the kids down to Cove Fort.

Looks fun, right?

We stayed for the 24th and I think the kids enjoyed the parade....I wasn't there. My mom had to be taken to the hospital that morning because she was having trouble breathing. My nieces and nephews helped watch my kids so I could be with her. Thanks guys! Overall it was fun. I did a lot of good and my kids lived outside! Everyday at the park and in the sand box! They were so dirty EVERY day! It was awesome but it's good to be home.