Saturday, March 22, 2008

code adam!

So, with the title, I'm sure many of you are thinking of Gavin, my little runaway, but this actually happened to Shelbi today while she was out with her dad! He went to Walmart for me and she stepped around the corner while they were at the check out line. He went around the other side and she wasn't there. So, after quickly searching the immediate area, he decided to expand the search and check a few aisles. While he was doing this, the store called a Code Adam for a lost little girl in a pink shirt, blue jeans, and pink shoes. He found a sales associate and told them the little girl was his and where was she? In the fitting rooms! Dallin said she wasn't crying, but she looked really scared! We're just glad she was found and is okay!


McOmie Family said...

That is hilarious! But I bet it wasn't for Dallin at the moment. I am still not even brave enough to let Malia walk, she has to be in the cart along with Gunner. Or I am sure that would happen to us too.