Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What's not to love?!

Tristan continues to melt my heart! He is such a good baby and is starting to smile! He now tops the scale at 11 pounds!

This was taken when he was a few weeks old. He hadn't grown the chub yet!
Seriously, so cute!
How can you resist those cheeks?
The kids have been so good with him, especially Kam. I was so worried about how he would react to Tristan and he has been the best big brother. He talks to Tristan, tells him stories, tries to share his toys with him. Occasionally, I find him also trying to "feed" him (sharing his sippy mostly). Tristan is a great addition to our family and we are so happy to have him!


Colten and Megan said...

Oh he is so cute:) I hope we get to see him sooner than later! Hope your family is doing well. We miss you.

Abbie said...

He's so cute!