Friday, September 5, 2008

I was in the living room playing with Shelbi and Gavin was upstairs. He called down to me to come and get him and I asked him to come downstairs. Well, seconds later, I heard a thumpty thump and some crashing. Something hit the wall at the bottom of the stairs and Gavin starts crying. Immediately I knew he had just fallen down the stairs (at least some of them). When I jumped up and ran to the stairs, I better understood what had happened before I even spoke to Gavin. The object that had hit my wall was an empty legos bucket (about 15" x 10"). I picked up the bucket and turned the corner. There was Gavin laying sideways and partially head first on the stairs. After calming him down, I asked if he tried to go down the stairs in the lego bucket. Of course, his answer was yes. And then he said, "But nobody told me it was a bad choice!" A few minutes later, he said, "I thought it was a good idea, but it wasn't." So, after talking to him about the danger he had placed himself in (and yes, trying my hardest not to laugh and suggest my clothes basket the next time), I left the room and busted up laughing. I'm glad he wasn't hurt, but seriously, it was so funny.

Also, we were in the car today and Shelbi pipes up from the back seat, "knock knock, Daddy." He answers, "who's there?" Shelbi says, "your seatbelt." Dallin says, "my seatbelt who?" Shelbi replied, "Your seatbelt is not done up!" Too cute, and she was so right! They're always the first to notice if you're not buckled up!


Harris Family said...

Hey Bracken Family,

I hope you don't mind that I take a peek at your blog every once in a while. I loved your last post. Your kids are too cute!! Congratulations on the pregnancy. I hope you are feeling good.


Dave Harris Family said...

Hey Dallin and Paula,

Last night I was talking to Veronica Young and she said she saw your blog from my list. She said she used to live in the apartments that you managed. Anyway, she told me to tell you hello from their family.