Friday, March 9, 2012

A New Napping Style

With the arrival of Tristan, some of my priorities have become a little misplaced. Like, making sure Kam gets a nap....or at least making him lay down on my bed! He has taken to falling asleep in odd places at terrible times during the day (4 p.m.). When he was in the laundry basket, it actually took me several minutes to find him!

Poor kid! Things will get better, Kam! You are so good to be so patient with your mom!


Shemri and Gang said...

1st, your baby is beautiful and Kam is a doll! 2nd...I am about to pass out in shock with your recent blog enthusiasm. You have made the month of March lovely already because I know you are alive and your family is great! May I continue to encourage you in your blogging endeavors, seeing how I know it is such a challenge for you to be consistent! He He! Love you guys!

Clark Family said...

LOL! Those are great!!